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    Since 2007., Xiamen Roundots Adhesive Products Co., Ltd produced high quality product which met the need of domestic packing and retailing industrial with very good comments. At the same time, its excellent Roundots brand removable glue dots become more and more popular in Asia, Europ and America
    Our eco-friendly dots meet the growing anti-pollution need as it is removable, reusable and clean. Especially when DIY industry came into being. It uses acid free and non-toxical material since the day it came into been and this advantage become the reason why people choose it. It has three stickness options and many different sizes or  profile for customer’s choice for different needs. If it been used togethger with dispensers or applicators, glue dispensing can be a much easier and simplier work now.
    Roundots is a patented brand which the patent published in 2007. We will work together to expand the protecting area in other Asia countries, some Europe countries in coming future.
    Join Roundots now, the future is bright.